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Few Words About Our Agency

At Precise Impact, we know what it takes to run a successful business - you need to be 100% in, and you need a trusted partner who's got your back when it comes to effective marketing. 

From marketing strategy tailored to your business, to precise execution and  measuring results of your marketing initiatives - we do marketing for you so you can focus on running your business, while we bring you quality leads and sales.

Marketing for small and mid-size business

Your success is our success is our mantra. When you work with precise impact marketing team, you know you work with incredibly talented and passionate marketers - from design and web development, so SEO/Google ands, social media and ecommerce - we know the ins and outs of how to use digital marketing mechanisms to help you grow your business.

Marketing Consulting

We specialize in lead generation and sales generation for
Machinery industry
Construction companies
Local service providers – from beauty school to wine shops
Online course sellers – we will choose the right marketing recipe for you
With over 20 years in marketing, we focus on helping small and mid-size businesses succeed by creating marketing strategy that will work for your business. 

At Precise impact we know how difficult it is to run the business and stay consistent with your marketing. Precision is the key when it comes to Marketing – we will help you narrow your marketing efforts to precisely those that will hit the right target and pay off.

WEB Design

We also offer design services that include:
Current Traffic and Website Performance Analysis
Website Structure
Website Redesign
Landing Pages
Graphic Design
Video Ads
At Precise Impact, we approach design differently. 

Evey element is thought through to bring elegance, simplicity, optimal online performance, ease of management, and reflect your brand.

Whether you are starting a new business, re-branding, looking for better online reflection of who you are and what you do – we will help you build a well-ironed website that will deliver results and position your brand just the way you invasion it.

Google Ads

Many companies give up on the entire idea simply because their campaigns were not set up right, and therefore didn’t generate results.

Don’t do it yourself – leave it to our professional team of Google Ads specialists.
Current Traffic and Website Performance Analysis
Google Website Ads
Remarketing Ads
Need calls right now?

For many local and professional services, Google Ads offer the quickest way to be found online. It takes time to build authority and established online reputation with Google, and running sponsored Google ads for relevant terms can help your business show up on top of search results in your areas of service. 

Sounds simple, right?

Bit did you know that every click can cost you anywhere from $5 to $50 depending on the industry you are in and locations you chose to target. You can burn though the budget very quickly if you not sure about back end Google mechanisms. If you tried it before, you’ll probably agree.

SEO Local Listings

While sponsored ads deliver results quickly, SEO is your long-term goal where you optimize your online presence, so your business can be easily found by your potential customers organically – without you having to pay for every click.
Google Listings Management
Website SEO Optimization
Link Building and Citations
Reputation Management
Press Release Distribution
Blog Writing
Great SEO is your long term goal that will allow your business to get more leads again and again.

Social Media

We specialize in advertising on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn:
Local Service Providers
Event Promotion
Product Ads
Service Ads
Online Courses
Audience Targeting
Remarketing to your email list and look-alike audience
Got an exciting new product or service and want to tell the world about it? Well, maybe not the entire world – but your world, the world of people who are most likely to be interested, and most importantly pay for your product or service. 

With the targeting methods we use at Precise Impact Marketing, we can achieve exactly that though social media where people spend more time than on any other applications on their phones.

EMAIL Marketing

You know there is so much potential is more common than you think, but have a pragmatic solution to keeping your email marketing evergreen, relevant, and most importantly effective:
Welcome Email Series
Automated Email and SMS Reminders
Repeat Customer Emails
Automated Drip Email Campaigns
Email template design
Lead follow up emails
Review requests
Remarketing to your existing customers
You’ve been collecting emails pf your customers for years, and probably tried sending promotional emails, but found it to be very time consuming and got off track? 

This problem oh so common.

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